Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I posted some tutorials on adding mohair , and drawing doll faces on the blog, so today here is the post on creating a nose.

After you get your face drawn on the way you like it, the first thing I do is any sculpting of features you want to really stand out from the face.

Begin at the top of head to sculpt nose
I  thread a needle with carpet and button thread, and tie a knot in the end.  I go in through the seam at the top, where it will be hidden, and come out at the top side of the nose.

I bring the needle and thread through the top of nose

Bringing thread to opposite side of nose

   When you sculpt with your needle, you need  to make a tiny stitch to begin, and then go down into the poly fill, and scoop up a small amount of the stuffing above your needle, and come out on the opposite side , directly across form the first two stitches.

Continue sewing back and forth, picking up stuffing.

This is the finished nose. I took a couple of stitches across the bottom on the drawn lines, and go out through the bottom seam, where it will not  show,and knot off.

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