Thursday, August 27, 2015


This is my latest project.  A pineapple table mat/wall hanging quilt.

I do a bit of research before I create a pattern, as to historical value, and color scheme that would have been used in the Colonial Era, since primitive hail from that time, and I am drawn to that for some reason.

This little quilt was just the right size for me!  I have tried before to create bigger quilts, but they were soon finished, and not quilted, due to their size.  It is like wrestling a bear to push yards of fabric through a sewing machine, and had to I send them out to be quilted.

This one was 18" square, so it was easy, to zip through the machine quilting part . Hardest part for me was designing the pattern so the cut work came out evenly.  I really enjoyed doing the handwork on the up cycled wool leaves, and fruit itself.

Love the way my little primitive quilt turned out. Find it here   QUILTED PINEAPPLE.

I am offering this pattern  as well, and you can find it here  MINI WELCOME QUILT PATTERN


  1. What a nice quilt block. Pretty pattern :)


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