Thursday, May 26, 2016

Patriotic Primitive Crow Pattern

I love the 4th of July!  School is out, my garden is in full swing, and there are celebrations everywhere in the rural towns surrounding mine! Designing a primitive doll for the July 4th season is always fun.

This is my newest design for a crow doll, Sam (for uncle Sam, of course).  He will have cousins coming soon, Toby (short for October), and Santa.

I posted my sketch a couple weeks ago on my Facebook, and my friend Charlotte Fletcher @ Roma Land Woodcrafts asked if she could paint the design!  I was so pleased, and of course I said YES. She is a great folk art tole painter, and I was honored that the design caught her eye.

Love the way she translated it into a painting, as she did him justice.  She painted him as a gift for a friend.
                                                              PATRIOTIC CROW

Sam turned out pretty as a picture, and here he is ready for my Etsy Shop.

If you would like a digital download of thisPAINTING PATTERN, only, it is available for 6.00. 

Happy Summer!  Hope your picnics,celebrations, and parades are all memorable, too.

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