Sunday, July 03, 2016

Original Artist Cashmere Rabbit

I so admire my fellow Etsy artist stuffed teddy bear makers.  I could look at their beautiful creations for hours, and hours.

They bring back a flood of memories for me of past well loved bears,bunnies, and a very special monkey that I have to this day, and mind you; childhood has been a long time ago.

I am inspired to try my hand at making a jointed bunny myself, he will be my character, as most of my dolls are.

I found these great glass eyes and cotter pin joints from another online Etsy seller, and I have the perfect old Georgio Armante designer coat of 100% cashmere wool to make his body from! I scored the jacket (with a bonus all silk lining) from Goodwill last year, and it has been awaiting transformation.

So, here is the beginning of my train conductor rabbit assembly.  Still lots to do, but he is super soft, and I like the way his hat came out.  I think I will make more plush teddy bear style dolls.  Maybe the next will be a mohair one.

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