Monday, November 17, 2014


I love to decorate, and it snowed here today!  Early for our part of the country.  Gave me the inspiration to add a little faux snow to the house.

I wanted to use these deer ornaments somewhere.  They are a demure 4", by 6" tall, and I felt like they needed corralling,so they didn't get lost in the Christmas decorating.  I made a centerpiece from  a cake stand, and some scrap quilt batting. They will grace my kitchen table now!

Any  cotton blend quilt batting will work, and any cake stand, even a plastic one.  I used some of the less expensive batting here, but I do not recommend polyester.

You will need

 A cake stand

 Some Scrap Batting

Scissors For Fabric
Ruler, or Tape Measure

Begin by cutting a square larger all around than your cake stand. My cake stand was 4 1/2 inches tall, and I wanted about 3/4 of the pedestal to show, so I cut my square 4 inches x 4 inches. More will get cut off, but this gives you a starting point, since stands will vary.
Turn the cake upside down on the batting, and measure out and cut the square to the size you need.

Next I measured out from the pedestal  3" (or whatever length you want your skirt to be depending on the height of your cake stand), and marked a few dots 3 inches out, all around in a circle with a marker.

Cut out following the dots to form a circle. Easy,peezy. Mine is not perfect, but it doesn't matter when it's finished.

Next, add cut work triangles to the edge. I free handed mine, but you could make a little cardboard template, and trace the cutting lines on before you created the edge if you want it to be perfect.  Again mine is not perfect, but I love the finished snow doily.

To get your cake stand snow skirt to drape correctly, lightly wet the entire piece of fabric, and wring it out before adding it to your cake stand. Once it dries, it will hold it's shape.

If you would like to purchase the handmade reindeer ornaments, please visit my ETSY store.

I would love to know how you used your cake stand doily. Please leave a comment.


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