Friday, December 11, 2015

Primitive Transformation For Dollar Store Gift Bag

I had a dear friend purchase one of  my hand crafted Santa dolls as a gift.

I am always try to think of ways to package items to make them as special as the gift inside.

So , Here is the gift bag I purchased at one of the local Dollar stores, and added some prim touches to.

A pretty bag, with a somewhat primitive theme.  I thought the sled appropriate, since the gift inside is a Santa.  Had to get rid of the shiny shoestring handle first.  So , I untied the knots on the inside (I could have cut them too) and pulled them out.  I will save them for another project later.

Ok, that shiny tag hag to go too. I made my own from manilla colored card stock.  I placed the old one (opened out  so you get the full tag before folding) on a piece of cardstock, and traced,  Then I tore (NOT cut) it from the cardstock.  I folded it in half, and sewed the twine I will use for handles through it with a big eye needle. Edges have been stained.  See the method, and recipe below.

HINT: Use the old string handle you remove to measure the length of your new handles, or make it longer like I did if the item in the bag is tall.

 Poke the end of the jute through the hole in the right side of the bag, and tie a knot at the inside.  Making sure your tag hangs the correct direction, and opens from the right.  Repeat on the left side.  Attach the other handle to the back of the bag in the same way.

Score along the ruler top with your scissor blade to make a straight crease in the card stock. This will become the decorative top edge. Fold back, and then tear along the scored line  across the width of the sheet.
You may need to score, and tear yours the 11 inch direction if bag is bigger, or piece the strips together.
I used the top, and then the bottom of the sheet for the front and back of my bag, so at least one edge was a finished edge, and the other edge was torn.  Smaller, side pieces, came from  side edges.

I stained the torn edges with a small brush, and my coffee stain (recipe below).  I also added some stain around the edges of the tag.  If the first pass with the brush is not dark enough, re paint when dry. Make sure tag is dry completely before next step.

I hot glued the coffee stained strips I made (torn side down) around the front edge right under the handles, and added 2 shorter pieces around the sides.

Finished the bag off with a stream of white glue straight for the bottle along the edges of the sled, and top of packages, and dusted with old fashioned mica flakes.  You can leave this step out, depending on your printed design.  I only frosted the front side of mine, since the back won't get much attention.

Viola.  Here it is.  Transformed, and ready to deliver.
LOVE the way it turned out! Love the way the torn edge, and the tan tissue paper filler match!

Here are the materials and recipe

Purchased gift bag
Card stock (tan, grey, or manilla, NOT white.)
Jute twine and  Needle with large eye
Hot glue and Glue gun
White Glue and Mica Flakes
Old paint brush
Ruler and paper scissors
Coffee stain
 -dissolve 4 TB of instant coffee in 1 Cup hot water
(use the cheap, store brand. It works just as well)-

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